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Cars of the Future!

Jeep Treo
Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE
Mercedes F500 Mind
Honda ASM
05' Toyota Highlander Hybrid

GM Autonomy
GM Autonomy
  • Was the first fuel cell concept (that the designers liked and that had a chance) to be shown at the 2002 North American Auto Show in Detroit!
  • Zero-emission fuel cell vehicle (FCV) will eventually make gasoline-electric hybrids old.
  • GM has invested about $1 billion in developing fuel cells to power electric motors!
  • Estimated to make it's debut into the commercial market by 2010!
  • Has a skateboard like chassis!

Toyota Fine-N
Toyota Fine-N
  • The Fine-N (Fuel Cell INnovative Emotion-Next generation) shows how latest generation fuel cell technology, opens up a new world of design possibilities!
  • The driving range is up to 500km (312.5 miles).
  • Also each wheel is equipped with its own 25kW (kilowatts) motor for better handling, braking and acceleration!
  • The Fine-N is protected by a face recognition system that recognizes the driver before unlocking automatically.
  • Was showed at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show!

Jeep Treo
Jeep Treo
  • This futuristic three-passenger off-road vehicle from Jeep is designed to run on fuel-cell technology.
  • The Jeep Treo is powered by two electric motors driving the front and rear wheels!
  • Premiered at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show.
  • The configuration allows for the front wheels from the mountain bikes to be removed and mounted in the rear of the interior, while still allowing a third passenger to ride along.
  • The Treo also has by-wire technology which means it dispenses energy when it's needed!

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE
Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE
  • This RX-8 can run on either hydrogen or gasoline with no modifications required to switch between the two.
  • The Renesis Hydrogen Rotary Engine is a unique alternative-fuel vehicle made by Mazda!
  • 5 Speed Manual!
  • Mazda is also presenting advanced technologies including a hybrid system with electric torque assist and start-stop technology!
  • 109hp at a hybrid engine compared to 207hp gas engine (which is considerably slower)! The current Mazda RX-8 is about 238hp!

Mercedes F500 Mind
Mercedes F500 Mind
  • The Mercedes F500 Mind showcases ideas for enhancing safety, drive technology and comfort.
  • Electronic accelerator and brake pedals!
  • The night vision system projects its images onto the right-hand display. The system consists of two infrared laser headlights on the front of the vehicle and has a range of 150 metres!
  • The F500 has a diesel/electric system/engine!
  • 250-horsepower 4.0-liter diesel V8 with a 50kW electric motor.

Honda ASM
Honda ASM
  • It's a new Odyssey minivan for the Japanese market.
  • Gas/electric hybrid minivan!
  • It's going to compete with the Lexus RX400h and the Ford Escape Hybrid in the world market.
  • A sliding 10-inch rear-seat monitor!
  • It arrives for U.S. market in the 2005 model year.
  • An 8-seat minivan offering both advanced technology and luxury!
  • Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMS) safety technology!

2005 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
05'Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • The 2nd SUV hybrid showed by Toyota. Other Hybrid was the Lexus RX400h.
  • Will be powered by a new version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive System, specifically developed to meet the load-carrying requirements of a midsize SUV.
  • Promising a combined horsepower of approximately 270 horsepower and 0-60-mph acceleration below 8 seconds.
  • Offers an electric four-wheel-drive with intelligence (4WD-i) system that utilizes front and rear electric motors to deliver balanced power to all four wheels.
  • The Highlander Hybrid goes on sale in early 2005.

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