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Fuel Cell & Hybrid Cars

Volkswagen Bora Hy-Power Engine What is a fuel cell?
  • A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen, both together converts into water!
  • While converting into water it also produces electricty and heat!
  • It spits out water rather than harmfull carbon dioxide!
  • Instead of recharging using electricity, however, a fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen.
  • It provides a DC (direct current) voltage that can be used to power motors, lights or any number of electrical appliances.

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How does a Fuel Cell work?
Problems with Fuel Cells!
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Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles
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Fuel Cell/Hybrid Cars!
What's your favourite Fuel Cell/Hybrid "Car" that you have seen on my site?

GM Autonomy
Jeep Treo
Toyota Prius
BMW 745h
Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE
05' Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Honda Insight

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